Start My Day

Start My Day 1.0

Automatically open programs, websites and music on PC startup


  • Launch programs, open websites and play music
  • Light on system resources


  • Only works with IE bookmarks
  • Still a bit buggy

Not bad

Start My Day is, as you can infer from the name, a handy app to start your day on the computer in a better way.

With Start My Day you won’t have to worry about launching the same programs, websites or even music every single day. Start My Day takes care of it and automatically runs all the programs, opens all the websites and plays all the songs you select in the app’s settings. It’s like Windows startup menu on steroids.

While the idea behind Start My Day is nice, the program still has a few glitches that need fixing. The alarm tool doesn’t seem to work (or at least we couldn’t configure it properly), the websites only work with Internet Explorer bookmarks (they need to be files with the URL extension) and sometimes you even get error messages on start-up.

As soon as Start My Day fixes those small problems, however, I’m sure it’ll be a helpful application to avoid repetitive tasks in the morning.

With Start My Day you can schedule your favorite programs, websites and music to be launched when you switch your computer on.

Start My Day


Start My Day 1.0

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